All off-heap memory is still managed by the JVM process. If you limit the 
memory of this process then you limit the memory. I think the memory of the JVM 
process could be limited via the xms/xmx parameter of the JVM. This can be 
configured via spark options for yarn (be aware that they are different in 
cluster and client mode), but i recommend to use the spark options for the off 
heap maximum.

> On 21 Sep 2016, at 22:02, Michael Segel <> wrote:
> I’ve asked this question a couple of times from a friend who didn’t know 
> the answer… so I thought I would try here. 
> Suppose we launch a job on a cluster (YARN) and we have set up the containers 
> to be 3GB in size.
> What does that 3GB represent? 
> I mean what happens if we end up using 2-3GB of off heap storage via 
> tungsten? 
> What will Spark do? 
> Will it try to honor the container’s limits and throw an exception or will 
> it allow my job to grab that amount of memory and exceed YARN’s 
> expectations since its off heap? 
> Thx
> -Mike

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