Hello community,

We've a challenge and no ideas how to solve it.

The problem,

Say we have the following environment:
1. `cluster A`, the cluster does not use kerberos and we use it as a source
of data, important thing is - we don't manage this cluster.
2. `cluster B`, small cluster where our spark application is running and
performing some logic. (we manage this cluster and it does not have
3. `cluster C`, the cluster uses kerberos and we use it to keep results of
our spark application, we manage this cluster

Our requrements and conditions that are not mentioned yet:
1. All clusters are in a single data center, but in the different
2. We cannot turn on kerberos on `cluster A`
3. We cannot turn off kerberos on `cluster C`
4. We can turn on/off kerberos on `cluster B`, currently it's turned off.
5. Spark app is built on top of RDD and does not depend on spark-sql.

Does anybody know how to write data using RDD api to remote cluster which
is running with Kerberos?

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--Denis Bolshakov
e-mail: bolshakov.de...@gmail.com

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