I am facing an issue with Spark Conf while reading the Cassandra host property 
from the default spark configuration file.

I use Kafka and Spark 2.2.1, Cassandra 3.11. I have a Docker 
container where spark master, worker and my app running as standalone cluster 
mode. I have a spark app using structured streaming pipeline reading from Kafka 
and storing to Cassandra. I use for each sink to write the streaming data to 
Cassandra. In for each writer, my application forgets the cassandra host 
specified in spark defaults. I print out the Spark config when the Spark 
application starts and I see that the application reads 
spark.cassandra.connection.host and prints out properly.

However, when I start publishing messages to Kafka and for each writer 
triggered, I see that it tries to connect localhost by default and forgets/does 
not read the host in the Spark defaults.

Any idea what I am dealing with here. I am out of options. 

The source code is available here: 

For each writer: (to workaround I set it manually again)


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