After reading the mnist example and the API of TensorflowOnSpark, I somehow got 
confused, here are some questions:
1、 What's the relationship between TFCluster/TFManager/TFNode and TFSparkNode 
2、The conversion guide says we should replace the main function with a 
main_fun, but the examples actually defines a map function, are they the same 
3、map_function parameter question:
      when the map_function is called, argv is the sys.args, what about the ctx 
parameter, what's the type of ctx, and how its value got assigned,I can see the 
ctx object has various properties and even functions .
4、The conversion guide says there should be step 3 and step 4, but the mnist 
example does not do these things
5、By the way, where can I post questions about TFoS, I can  not join the 
official google group.

I am sorry if I post this in a wrong place.

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