Hi All,
I am running my spark streaming in yarn-client mode.
I want to enable rolling and aggregation  in node manager container.
I am using configs as suggested in spark doc
${spark.yarn.app.container.log.dir}/spark.log  in log4j.properties

Also for Aggregation on yarn I have enabled these properties :
 on spark and yarn side respectively.

At executors, my logs are getting rolled up and aggregated after every 1
hour as expected.
*But the issue is:*
 for driver,  in yarn-client mode, ${spark.yarn.app.container.log.dir} value
is not available when driver starts and so for driver ,so I am not able to
see driver logs in yarn app container directory.
My restrictions are:
1. want to use yarn-client mode only
2. want to enable logging in yarn container only so that it is aggregated
and backed up by yarn every hour to hdfs/s3

*How can I get a workaround this to enable driver logs rolling and
aggregation as well?*

Any pointers will be helpful.
thanks in advance.

Chandan Prakash

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