Hello spent a lot of time to find what I did wrong , but not found.
I have a minikube WIndows based cluster ( Hyper V as hypervisor ) and try
to run examples against Spark 2.3. Tried several  docker images builds:
* several  builds that I build myself
* andrusha/spark-k8s:2.3.0-hadoop2.7 from docker  hub
But when I try to submit job driver log returns  class not found exception

spark-submit --master k8s://https://ip:8443  --deploy-mode cluster  --name
spark-pi --class org.apache.spark.examples.SparkPi --conf
spark.executor.instances=1 --executor-memory 1G --conf spark.kubernete

I tried to use https://github.com/apache-spark-on-k8s/spark fork and it is
works without problems, more complex examples work also.

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