Thank you for reply.

I checked WEB UI and found that the total number of tasks is 10.
So, I changed the number of cores from 1 to 10, then it works well.

But I haven't figure out what is happening.

My assumption is that each Job consists of 10 tasks in default and each task occupies 1 core.
So, in my case, assigning only 1 core cause the issue.
In other words, Continuous mode needs at least 10 cores.

Is it right?


On 2018/05/16 15:24, Shixiong(Ryan) Zhu wrote:
One possible case is you don't have enough resources to launch all tasks for your continuous processing query. Could you check the Spark UI and see if all tasks are running rather than waiting for resources?

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On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 5:38 PM, Yuta Morisawa < <>> wrote:

    Hi all

    Now I am using Structured Streaming in Continuous Processing mode
    and I faced a odd problem.

    My code is so simple that it is similar to the sample code on the

    When I send the same text data ten times, for example 10 lines text,
    in Batch mode the result has 100 lines.

    But in Continuous Processing mode the result has only 10 lines.
    It appears duplicated lines are removed.

    The difference of these two codes is only with or without trigger

    Why these two code behave differently ?


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