Farid Zaripov wrote:
Fix #2 -- Your /stdcxx-4.2.2/build file:

I renamed the /stdcxx-4.2.2/build file that came with the svn download, to
/stdcxx-4.2.1/build_faridz, because the presence of the build FILE was
preventing the GNUmakefile from creating the /stdcxx-4.2.2/build/ DIRECTORY.

  Hmm, you must be wrong, we don't have any file with the name "build" in svn.

Right. I think a "build" directory gets created automatically
when one isn't specified on the command line (via BUILDDIR).
Something weird seems to be going on in Steve's environment
(the behavior of ln -s is definitely bizarre)...


There is an /stdcxx-4.2.2/build/liblibstd.a file of size 2.33 MB.

  My congratulations, you have just build the stdcxx library :)

Although it probably shouldn't be called liblibstd, should it?
What's with the duplicate "lib" part?


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