Farid Zaripov wrote:
Although it probably shouldn't be called liblibstd, should it?
What's with the duplicate "lib" part?

  I think you should know, that the library file located in lib subdirectory ;)

  I suppose that there missed '/' after the first 'lib': 

  And what I don't like is that when BUILDTYPE is not specified, the name of 
library file is always
libstd.{a;so} for any possible BUILDMODE values (even for empty BUILDMODE). The 
in GNUMakefile says that BUILDTYPE and BUILDMODE both are optional and by 
default will be
used 11s, but this is not true...

We should fix the text. When you don't specify either you get neither
debugging (i.e., no -g) nor optimization (i.e., no -O). I.e., you get
whatever the default invocation of the compiler gives you with no



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