> HOWEVER, after the completion of the "ar rv   libstd11s.a ..." command
> executed near the very end of the build process, the following was displayed
> on the MSYS console, and the build process stopped:

>   i:\apps\mingw\bin\ar.exe: creating libstd11s.a
>   gencat rwstderr.cat /stdcxx-4.2.2/src/rwstderr.msg
>   /bin/sh: gencat: command not found
>   make[2]: [rwstderr.cat] Error 127 (ignored)

  It's ok. The rwstderr.cat catalog file is used for overriding standard 
what() messages (i.e. to have localized messages). On MinGW (as well as on
entire Windows) stdcxx doesn't using rwstderr.cat, but using rwstderr.dll 
Actually if you're fine with english messages, you don't need rwstderr.{cat|dll}
because of the english messages are hardcoded in library sources.

> Would please tell me, what do I need to do, to get the gencat.exe utility to
> accept the rwstderr.msg file?

  On Windows gencat.exe acceps rwstderr.rc file and produces rwstderr.dll file.


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