Ah, perhaps it's my mistake.  CC -V reports a version of "5.10", not "5.1".  I 
must have left off the zero.  I haven't used Sun C++ for ages, so I didn't 
realize my mistake until you pointed it out.

Actually, you state 

    if (__errtmp !=  _RW::__rw_goodbit &&  0 == __sizes [0]

is an alternative, and equivalent since _rw_goodbit is zero.  However, I think 
your != should be ==.  The original expression was testing !__errtmp, which 
should hold true when __errtmp == 0.

I've decided I do like the change ( x == 0 ) in place of !bool(x) in the 6 
instances I've had to patch stdcxx.

Kendall Bailey

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