Hi , I am now searching for a stl implementation who's containers can work 
perfectly with alternative pointers define in the allocator given. 
 Because I want to make my program able to attatch to a block of share memory 
and continue it's previous work. The GCC default implementation use standard 
pointer in the container base, such as rb_tree_node_base etc. 
 And I found that stdcxx4.2.1 use the alloc::pointer instead. So ,I wonder if I 
can safely use stdcxx4.2.1 on share memory by simply define my own  
shm_allocator and shm_handle(pointer type recording the offset in share memory).
 Actually, I am implementing a game server, so ,I require really good 
 So, is stdcxx4.2.1 suitable for me?
 Really need help.....wait for response.

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