I've been using Storm's REST API (
http://domainName:8080/api/v1/topology/summary) to retrieve the number of
bolts in my topology.

*JSONObject topology = new JSONObject(jsonText);JSONArray topos =
(JSONArray) topology.get(bolts);for(int i = 0; i < topos.length(); ++i) {
JSONObject j = topos.getJSONObject(i);   boltDetails.put(boltId,
j.getString(boltId));   boltDetails.put(tasks, j.getInt(tasks));}*

I was earlier using just 1 bolt MyBolt1, and created 10 tasks with it. The
REST API correctly informed me that there were 10 bolts.

When I added another bolt MyBolt2, and created another 10 tasks with it,
the REST API is still showing 10 bolts instead of 20 bolts. A single spout
(with 5 spout tasks) is emitting to both bolts.

Moreover, storm returns tasksTotal as = 40.

Why is tasksTotal not = 10+10+5 = 25?
How do I get the total number of bolt tasks only? 10+10=20?


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