What version of storm are you using?  In older versions of storm the timeout 
check was done once every topology.message.timeout.secs.  So that means nothing 
will timeout sooner than topology.message.timeout.secs, but could in the worst 
case be almost 2x that. If I remember correctly that in newer versions of storm 
we have adjusted it to check more frequently, but I don't know the JIRA off the 
top of my head.

- Bobby

On Thursday, August 10, 2017, 8:06:51 AM CDT, preethini v 
<preethin...@gmail.com> wrote:

I have a situation where the bolts ack, but the acker tasks fail (which is 
expected as per my logic).
I am measuring the latency of the topology using timestamps in ack() and fail() 
Observations:-------------------------------------ack() - latency ~ 100ms
fail() - latency ~ 15000ms. 
I have set topology.message.timeout.secs to 10. 
Which means there is a timeout of 10s before fail is called. But, 15000 - 10000 
= 5000ms (which is still a large value).

1.  What are the reasons for such high latency before calling fail() ?
2. What other time factors contribute to latency apart  from timeout? Any ideas?

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