Sincere Apologies for raising this issue with the entire team. I'm not aware of 
the process and not sure if I am raising this in the correct forum.

Our project is developed on Struts 1.1 and has been running without any issues 
for the past 5-8 years. As per the recent announcement of EOL for struts 1.x, 
we are planning to move to Struts 2. As per the migration strategies stated, We 
are planning to use struts2-struts1-plugin jar file (available in the latest in our systems and for any new development we are planning to use 
Struts 2 framework.

With regard to this, we have the following Queries.

If we were using this plugin and as stated in the plugin documentations, 
struts1 jar will still needs to be maintained in order to function  correctly, 
Will there be a scenario of support for this plugin is required, Can we expect 
any fix from apache to address the issue on the plugin or struts1 jar files.

As stated in the website 
(http://struts.apache.org/development/2.x/docs/struts-1-plugin.html)  I'm not 
able to see the ticket specified for continued use of struts 1 tag libraries in 
jsps. Can you please share some information about the latest status on this 
JIRA ticket.

Also it will be good, if there are any readily available migration tools from 
Struts1 to Struts2 for JSPs or Java servlets source code.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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