I must appologise for my last mail. I must have been exhausted or worse writing 

What I have done so far, not mentioned previously is:

 - An @ActionMenu(”path/to/menuitem”)

 - A DispatcherListener, added in an ServletContextListener

After the DispatcherListener have run through all declared actions of the app I 
have collected a data structure that holds both

 - tree structure of ActionMenuItems and their parents

 - a collected list of [namespace, actionname, menupath] for annotated actions
   this could be used by an Interceptor to set actice/selected states in the 
   object, for instance.

Now, I have tried to get hold of a Struts object to help me render action urls 
for the list
of annotated action tuples. A pointer to the way to do this in Struts would be 

And my honest appologices for the last mail as well.


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