2015-08-08 16:55 GMT+02:00 Alireza Fattahi <afatt...@yahoo.com.invalid>:
> Sorry to post it here, subscribing to d...@struts.apache.org di not worked 
> and I didn't get response emial.----------------------------------The Struts 
> 2.5 BETA1 make the struts 2 conversation plugin fails. This happens because 
> of renaming 
> theorg.apache.struts2.dispatcher.ServletActionRedirectResult;org.apache.struts2.dispatcher.ServletRedirectResult;

Did you follow information on that page?

> After tweking these packages 
> to:org.apache.struts2.result.ServletActionRedirectResultorg.apache.struts2.result.ServletRedirectResult
> the conversation plugin worked fine...
> As this is a useful plugin is it possible to keep the removed packages.

Already answered via JIRA

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