Firstly you should decide what do you like about life-time of that thread pool without being worry about calling shutdown. All your examples have solutions to call shutdown which I described below... Please read below....
[Try1] . By springframe work setup ThreadPool . In action class, use fixedPool Future<String> f1 = fixedPool.submit(() -> { ...actions such as send email, etc }); So, there will be NO shutdown in action class fixedPool.shutdown(); will be maintained by spring config?
You can set your bean `destroy-method` and call shutdown in that method. e.g. <bean id="poolService" class="me.emi.PoolService" init-method="initPool" destroy-method="shutdownPool">
[Try2] . Each user login session create one fixedPool . When user logout, fixedPool.shutdown() What about if users do not call logout action. Where and how the fixedPool to be shutdown? Is there a way to auto shutdown after period of time?
You can write your own listener by implementing HttpSessionListener and call shutdown in it's `sessionDestroyed` method. Please see [1]. [1]
Thank you very much Yasser. The information are very helpful!

I will try1 which can be used/shared by all login users or 2 used by per login user session then.

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