Martin Gainty,

I found 
 I believe struts-default.xml is within struts2-core.jar (renamed from 

I believe this bug is similar to 
in struts- and struts-2.5.14.

When I tested upgrading to struts- (or struts-2.5.14), I see similar 
error described in WW-4901.

Struts-2.5.13 did not have this bug.

I thought this bug is fixed in struts-2.5.15. Somehow, I still see it in 
struts-2.5.15 when deploying to Weblogic server.


From: Martin Gainty <>
Subject: Re: BUG in struts-2.5.15
Date: 2018/02/14 21:09:55


From: <>

Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 10:43 AM


Subject: BUG in struts-2.5.15

Hi all,

Testing your upcoming struts-2.5.15, when starting Weblogic server (Weblogic 
server version, JDK v 1.8.0_101), we see exception below.

MG>asking the obvious you have:


MG>located on your WINDOWS-OS Weblogic server?

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