On 4/18/2018 5:27 PM, Martin Gainty wrote:
> MG2>some confusion on where session is accessed
>  * available. This is because actions are built on a single-thread model. The
>  * only way to pass data is through the session
> MG2>with chain interceptor

No it didn't mean "with chain interceptor" that you have added. It meant
the action1.execute (i.e. the Struts user him/herself) can store data in
session and can then retrieve them inside action2.execute after
redirect. It didn't mean Strut's RedirectAction result does these itself
i.e. access, read and pass all session data.

> MG2>Here is code that *should access session params* to pass to new 
> finalLocation (but session is not accessed?)

As mentioned above, we didn't mean RedirectAction result access, read
and pass all session data. The Struts user him/herself should store them
in action1.execute then redirect then access and read them in

> MG2>
> //where the session *should* be accessed
> // public Map<String, ResultConfig> getResults()
> //i see ResultConfig here but no reference to session?

(Same as above)

> MG2>i found a testcase for redirect
> MG2>in this case a HTTPGet with appended params..but no session vars?

(Same as above)

> MG2>am i reading the code incorrectly?

No you're right that there is no session access but as mentioned above,
it's OK. There is no need to pass session data. They're always available
at server side.


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