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> Ok, that addresses one question, but still leaves one: why is it being 
> recommended to update File Upload NOW due to a possible DoS, when Struts has 
> been using a version of File Upload with no documented DoS issue for the last 
> six releases???

> Or put another way, Struts 2.3.35 uses File Upload 1.3.2.  File Upload 1.3.2 
> currently has no documented DoS issue.  Now, you're saying to update to File 
> Upload 1.3.3 to fix a DoS issue.  Why?

We announced the same few months ago [1] and there was just one
release (Struts 2.3.35) that missed the thing [2]. And we won't be
releasing a new version just because some of dependencies was
discovered to be vulnerable. And yes, we missed that the Struts 2.3.35
and Struts 2.3.36 are using vulnerable library.

There is a known vulnerability that affects 1.3.2 and prior versions
of commons-fileupload [3]. It's a RCE attack not a DoS.

[1] https://struts.apache.org/announce.html#a20180323
[2] https://struts.apache.org/releases.html
[3] https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2016-1000031

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