I'm a Struts newbie having problems with the file upload in Struts
2.0.6 with Tomcat 6.0.10. When I select a file and submit it, the
setXXX(), setXXXContentType(), and setXXXFileName() methods in my action
aren't being called. However, if I then hit the Back button and try
again, it works and my setters are called.
   If I set a breakpoint in my upload action's execute() method, I can
see that the first time around, all the way down in the
CoyoteAdapter.service() method, the "file", "uploadContentType", and
"uploadFilename" values are all null (in the
request->attributes->table->...etc... data). After backing up and
resubmitting, the values are filled in appropriately, so it looks like
the problem is occurring long before my upload action is called.
   I looked through the open issues, but didn't see anything relevant. I
would appreciate any suggestions that might help me debug this.

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