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  <constant name="struts.devMode" value="true"/>

We now strongly recommend that developers only turn devMode on for a
reason, and always temporarily. There have been problems with people
forgetting to turn devMode back off in production, which can cause a
serious performance drag.

c) Drop your jars into WebResources/WEB-INF/lib  (3)(4)

Another approach is to create a User Library with the Struts JARs,
which can then be shared between projects. Just be sure to also select
it under "J2EE Module Dependencies".  In any event, do *not* select
plugin JARs that you do not need, since that may trigger Struts to log
warnings about missing dependencies.

One other Eclipse note is that if you create the project over existing
content, you may need to create a new JSP before Eclipse finds the TLD

The most important thing (and I spent a whole day learning this!) is
to "go with the flow". WTP has its  own opinion on file organization,
and to get the full benefit of the tools, play along (don't sweat the
small stuff!).

HTH, Ted.

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