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We are able to add new rows under plain schemas in configuration->types using “syncope-console”. We are using “.deb” syncope installation.

Please find the attachment  (We have created mobile and ont as new rows).

Glad that it worked.

Now our requirement is to available these new rows as part of deployment. That means user able to see these rows always when deploy the “.deb” syncope package.

Those rows need to come by default when we install “.deb” package. That means User shall not require to create these new rows after deployment.

You can take a look at [1]: essentially, you can preload any deployment with specific content; consider, however, that .deb packages come with predefined content that you will need to replace *before* Tomcat starts for the first time after installation.


[1] https://syncope.apache.org/docs/reference-guide.html#deal-with-internal-storage-export-import

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