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In order to prevent uncontrolled "Task" size increment you should properly set the trace level of the resource, for propagation and pull operations.

You can do this in console by editing the resource (click on resource and the on "Edit resource") and moving trace level from ALL to another value among:
- NONE: no tasks are stored.
- SUMMARY: only a small recap of the whole execution is stored for each task.
- FAILURES: only failed tasks are stored.

You can also do this by updating resource information through Syncope endpoint:


Moreover also notification tasks have a specific trace level and contribute to fill "Task" table. You can setup trace level also for them.

In order to solve your current problems you should clean your "Task" table; the drawback is that you'll loose information about propagation/pull tasks run on the resource.


Il 12/06/2018 10:58, indhupriya ha scritto:

We are facing connection slowness in syncope 2.0.2 version and sometimes we
are not even able to log into syncope because of it.
When we did further analysis, we found that the Task.idb file in MySQL
Database is too big and when we tried to optimize the table, we in-turn
found that the size of "Task" table is too large too.

Could some one help us on a possible solution to resolve the issue and how
to prevent it from future occurrence?

Thanks in Advance,

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