Hi, Trafodion Users,

Please be informed that due to release R2.2 is in progress, packages are 
moving, but the web page is still not updated to reflect the latest download 
URL. So now, the R2.1 packages are moved to archive site and R2.2 package is in 
place. But the web page is still not updated. Users cannot directly download 
from Apache Trafodion main download page : 
http://trafodion.apache.org/download.html . This only affect the R2.1, older 
versions are good to download.

The PR was submitted, once it is merged, the web page will be updated with 
correct download URL.

For users who want to download R2.1 packages before we update the web page, 
Please use these URLs directly to find the packages for R2.1:


Once we announce the Release of R2.2, everything will recover.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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