Hi all, I mn quite new to Trafodion and just trying to understand what 
information is available (and where it is) when I am running statements. 

I am running a simplified workflow based on the TPC-H benchmark.  The flow is 

- create tables
- bulk load data
- count tables
- create indexes
- analyze/collect statistics
- run the 22 TPC-H queries

I am currently on the count tables step. The system got an rpc timeout 
exception at the client (trafci), and after dcscheck showed that the dcs master 
was down.

Two questions:
Should I increase the rpc timeout for hbase? If so, how far is reasonable?
How can I see what is running, and how it is progressing (sql statements in 
general, specifically count(*) and load statements)?

Here is the environment description:
9 nodes all are:
Dell R420
- 2 x E5-2430v2 2.5GHz (6C 12T)
- 64GB RAM
- 4x1TB SATA
- CDH 5.4.10 (ZooKeeper, HDFS, HBase, YARN Hive)
- Trafidion 2.0.1 (binary installer)


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