Hi all,

I am doing my first steps with UIMA DUCC. I stumbled across the issue that my 
CAS consumer has allowMultipleDeployments=false since it is supposed to write 
multiple CAS document texts into one large ZIP file.
DUCC complains about the discrepancy of the processing AAE being allowed for 
multiple deployment but one of its containers (my consumer) is not.
I did specify the consumer with the "process_descriptor_CC” job file key and 
was assuming that DUCC would take care of it. After all, it is a key of its 
own. But it seems the consumer is just wrapped into a new AAE together with my 
annotator AAE. This new top AAE created by DUCC causes the error: My own AAE is 
allowed for multiple deployment and so are its delegates. But the consumer not, 
of course.

How to handle this case? The documentation of DUCC is rather vague at this 
point. There is the section about CAS consumer changes but it doesn’t mention 
multiple deployment explicitly.

What is the “process_descriptor_CC” for when it get wrapped up into an AAE with 
the user-delivered AAE anyway?

Thanks and best regards,


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