xCAT is only used within VCL to deploy bare-metal machines.  The VM
deployment functionality of xCAT isn't used at all.  VCL can deploy bare
metal machines for user reservations.  It's pretty rare nowadays to deploy
end user reservations on full bare-metal machines, but it's still useful.

For larger installations, you could set things up so that xCAT deploys and
configures the bare-metal VM hosts (VMware and/or KVM).  Here at NCSU, we
have some rather complex Kickstart templates for each that set up ESXi, KVM
bridging, etc.

In theory, the flow would go like this:
* Add the bare-metal computer to VCL, set the provisioning to xCAT
* Add the computer to xCAT and get things configured so xCAT can install
and properly configure it (this is no easy feat)
* Add an image to the VCL database matching the xCAT template name
* In VCL, change the computer's state by selecting "convert to vmhostinuse"
* VCL instructs xCAT to automatically reload the computer using the xCAT
template name
* When done, the computer is in the "vmhostinuse" state and you can assign
VMs to it

In practice, I gave up on having VCL initiate the xCAT deployment long
ago.  There are too many things that can break.  It's easier to initiate
the xCAT reinstall manually, verify, then add the computer to VCL with the
provisioning module set to none so that VCL never tries to reinstall it.


On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 11:56 AM, Jonathan Casco <jca...@fiu.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am reading through the documentation for xCAT in VCL but was a little
> confused on the purpose xCAT has here.
> Is xCAT being used for provisioning VM hosts like VMware to then get
> managed by a separate VCL server or does VCL use xCAT to create servers
> that would be used for VCL guests?
> Thank you,
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