FYI. First I thought it might be possible to avoid running through the
incubator, but Upayavira is IMO right, the incubator is the best place to
form a new PMC and community while keeping the project agile in the sense
that it do releases.

The next step is probably to write up a project proposal for the incubator,
see for more information.


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From: Upayavira <>
Date: Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Subject: Re: Rebooting XMLBeans

Whilst the codebase may be long-standing, you are talking about a new,
immature PMC. It seems obvious to me that this would go into the
incubator, as that is precisely what the incubator is for - helping
immature communities learn how to work together in an Apache style.

I'd say, put yourself together an incubator proposal based upon the
XMLBeans codebase. Seek mentors as you would for any incubator project.
Perhaps, because you have existing Apache projects using the codebase,
you may be able to get through incubation quickly and end up with the
TLP it seems you are after.


On Wed, Jul 31, 2013, at 09:30 AM, Tammo van Lessen wrote:
> Dear Attic PMC,
> the fan base of one of your newest children is apparently not too happy
> with seeing it being moved to the attic. XMLBeans is widely used by
> various
> projects, even by Apache projects like ODE, CXF and Camel. Daniel L├╝bke
> has
> started a quick poll to see if there is interest in the community to
> reboot
> the project and to build a new, vital PMC. Until now, there are seven
> people interested in keeping the project alive and if I understand
> correctly, there are already a bunch of patches attached to tickets so
> that
> there is enough meat for a) getting more familiar with the code base and
> b)
> a series of maintenance releases.
> I think it would make sense to give them a chance to reboot as I think it
> is an important project which should at least be kept agile in the sense
> that the PMC is able to create maintenance releases. This is even
> important
> for other Apache project relying on XMLBeans. Since there seems to be a
> user community I think the project could be rebooted like the XML PMC
> instead of pushing it back to the Incubator.
> A possible concern could be that there is only one Apache committer among
> the interested group, so perhaps we can find some fellow members to
> mentor
> the new PMC. I'm willing to serve as such a mentor.
> Could you please give us some advice on how the project could be moved
> off
> attic and what the formal requirements are?
> Thanks,
>   Tammo
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