I am programmatically generating an XML object hierarchy and then using what
I produced as a template for other work.  I make a copy of the template
structure (using XmlObject.copy() at the root node) and then attempt to
locate a specific node within the structure so that I can then edit the
structure (change element content, or add/remove elements).  I'm having a
problem getting the search to work.  I'm pretty sure I have all the
necessary jar files in the build path (probably more than I need).

When I inspect the XML of the object tree, it appears to have set the
default namespace (i.e. the root node contains: "xmlns:www.xyz.org" - no
prefix).  The elements are rendered with no namespace prefix as well.

When I was doing some earlier experimenting, I was parsing an existing XML
file and in this case, there was a namespace prefix in use, and I was able
to successfully "locate" elements.  Now I cannot, and I don't know why. 
Should I "turn on" a namespace prefix?  Is there some special XmlOption that
I should set?  Any ideas?

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