Hi Folks,

I am facing some challenging issue in my cluster and that is related with
zookeeper request timeout.

A:-  3 Kafka cluster with zookeeper
B:-  Zookeeper Veriosn is zookeeper-3.4.6
C:- Java Version java version "1.7.0_111"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.6.7) (7u111-2.6.7-0ubuntu0.14.04.3)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.111-b01, mixed mode)
D:- Kafka Version kafka_2.10-

When i am running the zookeeper and getting timeout in every minutes, please
folle the below error.

[2016-12-02 09:46:30,869] INFO Client session timed out, have not heard from
server in 4002ms for sessionid 0x158b9f7c7200000, closing socket connection
and attempting reconnect (org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn)
[2016-12-02 09:46:30,971] INFO zookeeper state changed (Disconnected)
[2016-12-02 09:46:31,922] INFO Opening socket connection to server Will not attempt to authenticate using SASL (unknown
error) (org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn)
[2016-12-02 09:46:31,924] INFO Socket connection established to, initiating session (org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn)
[2016-12-02 09:46:31,926] INFO Session establishment complete on server, sessionid = 0x158b9f7c7200000, negotiated timeout =
6000 (org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn)
[2016-12-02 09:46:31,926] INFO zookeeper state changed (SyncConnected)
[2016-12-02 09:50:15,163] INFO [Group Metadata Manager on Broker 2]: Removed
0 expired offsets in 0 milliseconds.

Please help me and resolve this problem.

Ajeet S

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