I've experimented with updating the ZEG to Ubuntu 14.04, and there were no issues.

However, that was before the recent OpenChange updates, so some adjustments might need to be made.

That said, it's likely Inverse will produce a "new" ZEG in the near future.

However, I am following the general instructions found here to build my own:


And, cross-referencing the latest instructions from Inverse (for the latest versions)

I am building it as a virtual machine so it can be imported into our current infrastructure.

On 10/07/2014 07:07 AM, Sven Schwedas wrote:
Actually, it would be great if I could simply use the ready to
>use Sogo virtual appliance ... but the one available for download
>is SO outdated ...
There haven't been that many user-visible changes since the ZEG's
version, apart from tons of bugfixes. It should be sufficient for


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