I am trying to configure SOGo to use a color theme with a dark accent
color. I am following the FAQ entry from
However, while this is working fine once logged in, the login page
itself persistently uses a black font on the accented login form. This
makes it very difficult to read. 

TLDR: What is required to make SOGo use the accent/primary font color
on the login page/form? 

The steps I tried: 
1. Set SOGoUIxDebugEnabled = YES;
2. Create a new /usr/lib64/GNUstep/SOGo/WebServerResources/js/theme-
custom.js with the content: 
(function() {
  'use strict';
  * @ngInject
  configure.$inject = ['$mdThemingProvider'];
  function configure($mdThemingProvider) {
    $mdThemingProvider.definePalette('linexus', {
      '50': 'f0e2ea',
      '100': 'd9b6c9',
      '200': 'c085a6',
      '300': 'a75482',
      '400': '942f67',
      '500': '810a4c',
      '600': '790945',
      '700': '6e073c',
      '800': '640533',
      '900': '510324',
      'A100': 'ff84ad',
      'A200': 'ff518c',
      'A400': 'ff1e6a',
      'A700': 'ff0459',
      'contrastDefaultColor': 'light',
      'contrastDarkColors': [ '50', '100', '200', 'A100', 'A200' ],
      'contrastLightColors': [ '300', '400', '500', '600', '700', 
        '800', '900', 'A400', 'A700' ]
    .primaryPalette('linexus', {
      'default': '400',  // background color of top toolbars
      'hue-1': '400',
      'hue-2': '500',    // background color of sidebar toolbar
      'hue-3': 'A100'
    .accentPalette('linexus', {
      'default': '500',  // background color of fab buttons
      'hue-1': '200',    // background color of center list toolbar
      'hue-2': '200',
      'hue-3': 'A100'
3. SOGoUIAdditionalJSFiles = (js/theme-custom.js);
4. Grep the CSS from a JS console and put it into
5. Set SOGoUIxDebugEnabled = NO;
(Service restarts happened between most steps)

The last two steps are not essential to reproduce the issue. I also
tried to then manipulate the CSS file but gave up once I realized that
SOGo is creating that programmatically. 
The result is visible on https://mail.linexus.de/SOGo
Essentially, SOGo is using a dark font color on the login form on the
login page (and for the FROM field in the new mail dialog). Almost
everywhere else the specified theme is used correctly. For example, the
sidebar toolbar and the fab buttons use a light font color.
Interestingly, the "remember username" switch on the login page does
correctly use a light color.  

Am I missing something? How can I tell SOGo to use the (light) font
color as specified in the AngularJS theme for the login form on the
login page? 

Thanks and best regards

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