Hi Richard,

On 21.07.23 13:27, Richard Rosner (rros...@fsmuw.rwth-aachen.de) wrote:
thanks for this, but username is just sogo, password only consists of latin alphabet letters (no special letters like ê, ę or others), numbers and simple special characters like - or _, nothing that's not ASCII.

just to be sure: does the password contain characters like '&'?

Is there anything else that can/must be done?

Earlier you wrote:

So of course I tried logging in manually to mysql, but this succedes without 
any complaints.

How exactly did you do this test?

Did you enter:

$ mysql -u sogo -ppassword -D sogo -h localhost

or did you enter the password interactively:

$ mysql -u sogo -p -D sogo -h localhost

If you did not use method (1): could you please try it and see if that works?


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