Hello Frank,
As for now, you can't dot that either by sogo-tool nor by db/log.
I agree the -h is tricky. The way to see the information's of different 
sogo-tool command is to leave the arguments empty like this:
sogo-tool cleanup
sogo-tool expire-sessions

By the way, you can add -v to see logs after sogo-tool:
sogo-tool -v expire-sessions <nb_minutes>

If you have abuse, you could make a cron that shoot session > 1 days for 


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is there a possibility to terminate a single user session? I noticed 
sogo-tool expire-sessions … (and painfully detected, that sogo-tool 
expire-sessions -h expires all users immediately).
But in some cases I need to terminate just one session (i .e. account abuse).

Grepping logfiles / database to achieve this would be no problem :-)


Frank Richter, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

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