Hello Thomas,
I've just tried that on my sogo and the problem does'nt appear. You should 
report an issue on https://bugs.sogo.nu because I'll need to ask you for logs.
If you don't have an account already, notice that I will have to update your 
level since newcomers can't open an issue at first. So tell me when your 
account has been made.


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Subject: [SOGo] Calendar entry not shown


as you can see in the attached SOGo-Calendar.jpg I have some calendar entries 
(blue, green, red) in my calender which are shown in the calendar view on the 
right side as well as in the list on the left side.
However, there are the two entries (orange, yellow) which are only shown in the 
list on the left side, but not in the calendar view on the right side. Both 
entries do not have times, they are full-time for the day. Do you have any idea 

The calendar entries are configured as shown in SOGo-Calendar-Details.jpg

Thanks a lot in advance,


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