Hello all,


I am relatively new to SOGo, having used Zarafa/Kopano for over 10 years
until they stopped all development to it.

It took me a while to figure out the differences between the two systems and
getting SOGo to work - especially figuring out how the WOWhelper setting
gets overridden, even though it is stated clearly in the documentation.


Anyway, I got a problem now that I cannot figure out. My calendar views work
perfectly only until there are appointments in it. Then it ends up with
request failed, but even with debug settings on, there is very little in
terms of error messages.

It all comes down to exceptions thrown by malloc:


"GET /SOGo/so/aaaaaaa/Calendar/alarmslist?browserTime=1694071570 HTTP/1.1"
200 60/0 0.007 - - 0 - 13

2023-09-07 09:26:14.268 sogod[26468:26468] EXCEPTION: <NSException:
0x55ebf532ec80> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException
REASON:NSDataMalloc(instance) does not recognize
componentsSeparatedByString: INFO:(null)




"GET /SOGo/so/bbbbbbb/Calendar/alarmslist?browserTime=1694071657 HTTP/1.1"
200 60/0 0.007 - - 0 - 14

2023-09-07 09:27:40.841 sogod[38833:38833] EXCEPTION: <NSException:
0x55ebf53bb0c0> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException
REASON:[NSDataMalloc-jsonRepresentation] should be overridden by subclass


It seems to be consistently happening with the alarmslist, and it looks like
NSDataMalloc is getting null pointers?


On ActiveSync, I can see the calendar entries on both Outlook 2019 as well
as Android


I am running on the most recent snapshot of 5.8.4 on Ubuntu 22.04 (5.9 is
still masked in the repository)





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