Yes, we are aware of that issue. We have the same problem with german keyboard 
and the letter ü with chrome. The angularJs material used by sogo uses a 
deprecated method to know which keyboard button was hit based on key_code 
instead of directly using the character. The key_code depends of your keyboard 
layout and the browser!
So, with the ü and chrome, sogo receives a keycode which, in English keyboard, 
matches the ; character which is a delimiter for recipients' input and so the 
application ends your input. I guess it's the same happening with your Italian 

Could you test on https://www.toptal.com/developers/keycode what key_code 
appears when you press @ ? Can you test with firefox and chrome too?


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Hi Simone

> On Sep 12, 2023, at 08:54, Simone Falcini (s...@magic.sm) <users@sogo.nu> 
> wrote:
> When writing the email address in the recipient bar on an Apple wireless 
> keyboard (ITA layout), pressing the @ sign (on the same button that contains 
> òç@ chars) the partial address is saved as complete.

Do you also have the issue when you set the language to Italian in your 


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