It says in the docs that it only works on DCG rules which is fair enough
but is there a reason for this?

I am currently trying to write a minimal XML parser in GNU Prolog, I was
tempted to FFI libxml2 or minixml but decided I needed to learn DCG better.

Once it is done I can resume development of my main project that requires
XML parsing. I wondered if term_expansion/2 and expand_term/2 might be of
use like creating macros or something?

I have returned to Prolog and want to better understand meta-programming. I
have heard Prolog is really great for this as it has the homoiconicity of
LISP but I am unsure how to proceed in terms of building an understanding.
I am used to writing LISP macros and in Clojure but wondered

I have my books to read but I wondered if anybody knew of any good web
resources that also might help?

My books are Art of Prolog, LPN, Prolog Programming In Depth and of course
Clocksin & Mellish.

Between them I am sure I can get a good grounding, chapter 6 of PPID
(Covington, Nute and Vellino) looks particularly interesting, that's a good
book that is!


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