I have an HA cluster (currently version 5.13.3) using replicated leveldb and
I want to put the cluster behind an F5 so that clients only need to know the
VIP on the F5, and the F5 forwards the client to the current live "master".
This way, if I change my broker topology (e.g. add another HA cluster and
network the brokers ... or whatever other topology I may choose) my clients
don't need to know ... I can just reconfigure the F5 to handle the new
topology, and clients connect to the new topology automatically via the VIP.

I found this article that basically asks the same question:

As mentioned in the linked article, when the F5 does a simple tcp probe on
port 61616 the broker logs an EOFException in activemq.log ... for me, this
happens once a second (well, once every 2 seconds from both the primary and
backup F5).

Unfortunately, the solution reached by the original poster of that article
isn't exactly what I'm looking for ... while my F5 admins could write an
"irule" (or some such thing - I'm not an F5 admin) to probe one port and
allow traffic on another, they claim that this is more CPU intensive on the
F5 and would prefer to probe on the same port  that the VIP is forwarding
traffic on ... in other words, if the VIP is going to forward traffic on
61616 then my F5 admins want the F5 to probe on 61616.

Does anyone have a suggestion on what the F5 can send to probe the openwire
port without causing an exception on the broker?

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