A solution uses several queues where consumer of the queues are using the 
exclusive consumer pattern to make sure a single node gets all messages.

After upgrade to 5.13.3 from 5.9.1 some queues are getting ”ghost consumers”. 
I.e. consumers with *no connection* that cannot be removed. (attached JMX 

It does not go away by restarting the consuming applications, the broker or by 
removing the queue.
The problem is with exclusive consumer – this ”ghost” can get hold of the 
”exclusiveness” and no messages will flow.

Have anyone seen such a thing? What can be the cause. It has appeared on 
multiple queues, not just a single one.

Clients are JMS/OpenWire clients with client lib 5.13.3 and 5.9.1.

Hälsningar / Best Regards
Petter Nordlander

Fourmation AB

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