Hi Tim,

I tried 5.13.3 and all further versions till 5.14.0, but this problem is
still not gone. I still see a lot of Kaha DB log files which consume huge
amounts of disk space and eventually the broker stops functioning!

I made some more changes to check if I could get rid of this problem :
a) I enabled following plug-in to set expiry of 1 day for every message (we
use only MQTT messages) :
  <discardingDLQBrokerPlugin dropAll="true" dropTemporaryTopics="true"
dropTemporaryQueues="true" />
        <timeStampingBrokerPlugin ttlCeiling="86400000"

b) I enabled DLQ to drop all expired messages for all topics and queues :
          <sharedDeadLetterStrategy processExpired="false" />

<discardingDLQBrokerPlugin dropAll="true" dropTemporaryTopics="true"
dropTemporaryQueues="true" />

c) I enabled offline durable subscribers to timeout after 1 day :

After these changes, I could see a few log files got deleted, but majority
of the log files remain in the Kahadb folder which consume lot of disk

I observed this in our production server where I cannot enable trace or JMX.
Is there any other way to identify what is causing this issue?


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