I have a simple test JavaScript (Node.js) client that connects to ActiveMQ using AMQP and our Java client that connects to the same ActiveMQ using OpenWire (JMS). When I send a message from the JavaScript client (just a simple “Hello World!”) it is received by the Java client as a javax.jms.BytesMessage. However the contents of this BytesMessage contains a bunch of bytes in front of the actual “Hello World!” message:

   Hello World!”

I'm using the ActiveMQ's (5.13.4) and Qpid's suggested Rhea JavaScript (Node.js) library for the simple JavaScript client for testing. On the Java-side of things I'm using plain JMS 1.0.

The Rhea example I'm using is basically according to this sample: https://github.com/grs/rhea/blob/master/examples/helloworld.js

I'm using the default AMQP configuration in order to enable the protocol in activemq.xml:

   <transportConnector name="amqp"

When I try to add "&transport.transformer=jms" or "&transport.transformer=raw" the JavaScript client is unable to connect anymore.

How do I get it so that it only contains the “Hello World!” message? Do I need to parse out the bytes contained in the BytesMessage?


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