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Can ActiveMQ support NMS and JMS at the same time as part of a single

There are two applications (both support ActiveMQ), both using different
connectors *App1 uses JMS* (written in Java) and *App2 uses NMS* written in

I am trying to have a message from App1 using ActiveMQ to App2 AND then to
SAP HANA however SAP Hana  Smart data streaming supports JMS XML adapter not
NMS; *trying to figure out if there exists a converter from NMS to JMS that
then can be used to send JMS XML message to SAP.*

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NMS and JMS clients and both communicate with the broker without issue, what you send dictates the level of interoperability between the applications using those clients.  There is no such thing as a "JMS XML message" however you can send XML via a JMS TextMessage and an NMS client would receive the XML in the body of an ITextMessage instance.

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