With Artemis 2.9.0, I am trying to use a shared JDBC store between 2 nodes.

I have configured high availability with the failover, but it all seems to
not quite work. I am getting various error messages during the failover,
even though failover does mostly happen.

I am attaching the configuration of both brokers.


When both brokers startup, I can correctly see one registering as a Live
server, and the other one as a Backup.

When I kill the broker on node1 (i.e. the live one), after a while, the
backup server will go live, but throws error like this:

When I then start broker again on the node 1, it will stop at this point:

Then after a while it throws this error:

On the node 2 meanwhile, broker announces following:

Please note that we found out that time is about 90secs off between the 2
nodes, will get it synced up soon, although I don't feel this is related to
the above errors...

Any help greatly appreciated.

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