My group uses Gitlab and Buildbot and would love to have and use Buildbot/Gitlab integration.

Buildbot is so much more flexible than Gitlab CI so we use Buildbot - especially since we deal with large frameworks in different languages (mostly C++, C#, Python, shell scripts) with their own build requirements. I'm not sure we could even implement our build flow in Gitlab CI.

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Well. That far is not that difficult. It just integrated github reporter
api so that there is a link for each test of the matrix.

There is no support for gitlab yet. I'm not sure there is such a demand for
that as gitlab Ci looks already quite good (on paper..I never actually
tried it)
It won't be very difficult to implement as there are already many gitlab
components in buildbot.

Le jeu. 15 sept. 2016 00:14, Dan Kegel <> a ?crit :

On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 2:36 PM, Pierre Tardy <> wrote:
buildbot travis is an experimental buildbot setup that focuses on having
UI directly in github or gerrit rather than in buildbot itself, this is
it might be a little bit confusing.
People are supposed to be pointed at buildbot only when there is a failed
build, and directly in the problematic page.
Well, well, well.  That's interesting.    I had seen but hadn't realized it
went that far.

Do you have an example install of gitlab with a corresponding buildbot
doing the build work?
And how does this compare to using gitlab ci?


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