Weekly Meeting

Buildbot has weekly meetings via irc, held at 16:30 UTC on Tuesdays. That is about 90 minutes from now!

Meetings are in #buildbot on Freenode, open to any and all participants. They generally focus on organizational, rather than technical issues, but are open to anything Buildbot-related. To raise a topic, add it to "All Other Business" in the agenda, or just speak up during the meeting.

Meeting minutes are available here.

Trac Tickets

New/Reopened Tickets

3609enhancementSort tags in natural order
3610undecidedBuildbot does not realize latent worker has disconnected

Closed Tickets

Buildbot Pull Requests

Opened Pull Requests

2397fixed 404s in /master/contrib/dockerfile and /master/docs/tutorial/do…
2403Stop using loop variable outside the loop
2405Call existing disconnect method if there should be no wait

Completed Pull Requests

2393buildbotNetUsageData implementation
2395make github hook record even non-distinct commits
2398port to stable : buildbotNetUsageData implementation
2399update relnotes for 0.9.0rc3
2400Add .bbtravis file for use with buildbot_travis
2401mergeback Rc3 to master
2402github: CI should use refs/pull/xx/merge refs to make sure the PR is …
2404UI for optimization the trigger step use cases
2406Fix Stash reporter

Buildbot-Infra Pull Requests

Opened Pull Requests

Completed Pull Requests

148vagrant development
149fixe nine.bb.net to use travis and hyper
150Fix ssh role
151always set internal_ip
152update ansible-pull to be time bound
153implement syslog jail as an elk box
154add bb-...@github.com password
155generate named configuration from hosts config
156fixes for prod:

Meta-buildbot Pull Requests

Opened Pull Requests

Completed Pull Requests

63add dockerfile for running metabuildbot travis.yml in standalone
64configure buildbot travis to use hyper and github oauth
65nine.buildbot.net improvements
66fixes spelling in oauth json format
67fix for nine node test
68fix local worker name
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