Sorry Pierre

When I test that new string I get a new error.

    Error while parsing config file: name 'secrets' is not defined

I've done a quick check to make sure package names are correct and the path to 
the secrets/providers seems correct

I've also found where the name 'secrets' comes from in the secretsManager class 
and it is spelt the same way in and the manager class. 

I'm afraid I don't have time at the moment to start chasing this issue.

I can submit a pull request to fix the sample code in the manual and developer 
documentation if you want but it seems wrong requesting a PR knowing the 
samples still don't work.


On 9 August 2017 18:34:36 BST, Pierre Tardy <> wrote:
>> c['secretsProviders'] = [util.SecretInAFile(dirname="my/path/way")]
>its in secrets
>c['secretsProviders'] = [secrets.SecretInAFile(dirname="my/path/way")]
>Thanks for the report. Can you submit a documentation PR?
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