Weekly Meeting

Buildbot has weekly meetings via irc, held at 17:00 BST (London Time) on Tuesdays.

Meetings are in #buildbot on Freenode, open to any and all participants. They generally focus on organizational, rather than technical issues, but are open to anything Buildbot-related. To raise a topic, add it to "All Other Business" in the agenda, or just speak up during the meeting.

Meeting minutes are available here.

Buildbot Issues

Opened Issues

3981Workers configured_on gets corrupted over time
3982UTF-8 decoding error with 0.9.15.post1 worker on Python 2.7
3983Allow urlText on DirectoryUpload
3984HTPasswdAuth non-functional

Completed Issues

3970Builders page doesn't show any builders.
3978"Command 'TASKKILL /F /PID 102996 /T' returned non-zero exit status 1" on windows worker
3980Login sessions don't timed out
3985mailNotifier can't use Secrets
3988Stopping builds triggered by a parent build

Buildbot Pull Requests

Opened Pull Requests

3990Allow urlText in DirectoryUpload
3991Make the title of the builder blocks on the homepage a link
3992Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 10

Completed Pull Requests

3975remove ramlfications from dependencies
3979Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 09
3986integration test for secret in services
3987relnotes for 1.1.0
3989release scripts improvements

Buildbot-Infra Pull Requests

None this week

Meta-buildbot Pull Requests

None this week
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